Was Going to Post This Yesterday

Well, I was going to post this last night, but I was exhausted, so I thought it best to wait until today.  I think it was a good idea.  The reason I was so tired yesterday was because I went to Upper Limits with James again.  I did 13 routes, he did 15.  All of this in 4 hours, plus he lead 4 routes (which makes it slower).  For those of you that have never been, it’s 4 silos and then a main area.  The silo’s are ~60ft while the main area is around 40.  So, that means, I climbed over 700ft yesterday.  Granted we weren’t doing the more challenging stuff, but still.  I think this is why I felt tired all over instead of just my arms, or my forearms. 

The rebelpeon.com blog world is still expanding.  Our latest edition is Joeyligs.  Granted, all the people that have blogs here are friends of mine, but still, that’s not the point.  Hopefully I’ll have a tape backup solution running within the next few days too.  That way none of these wonderful creations are lost if something catastrophic happens.  Just to recap, we have my site, Colleen’s site, Bree’s site, and now Joe’s site.  To add to other blogging news, Aaron Binford (a guy that works with me), has gotten his site up to more than 95% functionality.  It may look similar to mine, but that could be because he’s using my templates, modified a little, until he gets a better understanding of html.  Nick may also move to a movabletype backend.  Man, once one person goes, it’s like the domino effect.  I’m taking everybody with me! 

Colleen wasn’t happy about me putting off the saltwater aquarium until we move again.  As she puts it, “I’ve wanted one for a long time, we need to get it now.”  Needless to say, waiting an additional 6 months for her is going to be unbarable.  All I have to say is, tough.  There’s no way I’m setting it up 2 times, just so she can look at them for 3.5 months before we move.  TOUGH!

I watched Lost in Translation Friday night.  I liked it a lot (much more so than Monster).  Also Friday night, I won 2 auctions.  My surround sound home theater system is nearly complete.  I got a KLF C7 and a pair of KLF 10’s for a center channel and rears.  Thankfully the guy that was selling them lives in Monticello, IN, so I’m just going to pick them up instead of sending them UPS/Fedex.  It’s a little bit safer this way.  I wasn’t even going to bid on the KLF C7, but it had stayed fairly low.  Almost got outbid in the final minute, but the other bidder didn’t set his maximum high enough.  Hell, nobody even bid on the KLF 10’s (which made it very easy).

***Currently Listening To: Nothing.  It’s too early, and since I’ll be cleaning all day, I’ll be listening to music then.

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My Aching Body

Bleh, I don’t feel too hot. My body is tired, and I feel as if I have a lot of congestion in my sinuses. Oh yeah, plus a headache. It’s probably because I’ve been killing myself by climbing. On Saturday, a climbing friend of mine, James Fran, and I went to Upper Limits and climbed for around 5.5 hours. I was so dead. And then yesteday, Colleen and I went to Vertical Plains and climbed with James and a few other people there too. I think James wants me to go climbing tomorrow night too, but I haven’t heard from him yet. It’s fun because James is quite a bit better than I am, so he likes to do things, and I like to try and do them. Like on Saturday, I tried my hardest to keep up. I think he did 2 routes that I didn’t. However, he has way more endurance than I do, so he can go straight up a climb, where I have to stop around 2/3rds of the way up. Plus he’s lucky in that his hands don’t really sweat. Man, how I wish that mine didn’t. Zero to soaked in about 3 holds. Hell, even as I sit here typing, they are moist. It would help so much if they’d just stay dry…

I haven’t touched the new site design since I posted it the other day. Colleen agrees with me that the background image needs to go. It’s just way to overpowering. I’ll probably do something more minimalistic (how I like my desktop wallpapers). The only thing about that, is I either need to find something (probable) or create something (not so probable). I really like the contrast of the cingular wireless commercials, so I may do something with that color scheme. However, instead of orange, I may use a lime green shade. Who knows though. I doubt I’ll be doing anything on it soon. Unless I get worse by tomorrow and decide to not venture into work.

Today at work, glofish were brought up, and I’m bound and determined to get myself some. How can you go wrong, I mean, they’re glowing fish! I was going to call around to local pet stores today to see if they have any. I’ve always wanted to have a cool tropical aquarium, but the upkeep on them is way to much, so I think this would be a good substitute.

Speaking of buying stuff, I finally got around to purchasing a desk. Colleen was happy about that, since I’m kinda (well, ok, I am) using her desk for the time being. I purchased an Eames Desk Unit produced by Herman Miller. It looks like a very fun desk, and I know it’s quality since my parents have an Eames Lounge Chair, which is nothing but great. I made the purchase from retromodern.com, which has some really neat, and expensive, stuff. The way I see it, is I’d rather wait and save up to buy something quality, than go out and purchase something cheap that works for “right now.” Hopefully the lead time of 4 weeks listed on their website is the maximum, since I can’t wait to get it.

**Currently Listening To: Coldplay – Rush of B-Sides to the Head. If you like Coldplay, then I’d try to find this cd/collection of songs on your favorite file sharing network. There are some new songs, and lots of their normal songs, but accoustic, etc. I personally like the laid back-ness of Coldplay, and am enjoying the accoustic stuff on this compliation.

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