4th of July Week

The weekend before the 4th, Erin and I headed up to Leland to enjoy a nice and relaxing 4 days.  It was definitely nice.  The weather was beautiful, and it felt good to just lounge around for a while. 

On Monday night we went to the beach and watched the fireworks.  It was funny because the weekly fireworks down at Navy Pier actually put these to shame.  It’s amazing how money plays a roll in that, eh?

We headed back Tuesday night and stayed at Erin’s grandma’s place in South Haven.  Since we were basically staying there to avoid a lot of the traffic back, we just sort of hung out downtown South Haven.  We actually putzed around enough that we made it for the late showing of Cars.  It was actually a pretty good movie.  It’s amazing how far that technology has come since Toy Story.

However, what was really amazing was the cost for both of us to see it.  For two admissions, 1 tub (plastic container) of popcorn, and two drinks, it was only $6.25.  You can’t even get into a movie for that much here in Chicago.  What made it even more hilarious was that the theater was actually for sale.  Makes you wonder why, huh?

The rest of the week I took off from work and got a few things around the house done.  Nothing that was too exciting, just things that needed to be done.  Oh, and grocery shopping at 10 AM is by far the best time to go.  I couldn’t believe how small the checkout lines were.

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