A Fun Saturday

Well, after Colleen and I sat through three quarters of the humiliation that was the Illinois vs Michigan State game, we decided to go look at furniture. We ended up buying a couch, a chair, an ottoman, a table, and two chairs. Woohoo! We’ll actually have furniture within the week! And thankfully each of the things we purchased are in, so we don’t have to wait like we did for the bed.The couch, chair, and ottoman are a set. They are a faded blue color and VERY comfortable. The table is small (30″x30”), has a weathered look, and will reside in the kitchen area. We’ll probably keep one of the chairs at that table, and then move the other one into the living room, since we don’t really have room for 3 chairs in the kitchen. We also hung the paintings today. The apt is actually starting to resemble a home.

On a similar note, if you’re buying furniture in Champaign-Urbana, do yourself a favor and go to Carter’s. Yeah, the prices seem a little bit higher, but the quality is much better and the staff is superb. Particularly, at Rhodes, I feel like I’m walking into a used car lot. The sales staff is sitting around waiting for “fresh meat” to enter the door, they smell like cheap cologne, and just TOTALLY remind me of used car dealers. This is the second time I’ve been there, and I’ve gotten that impression both times. Carter’s is just nice, and, much like my shocking experience at the Audi dealership in St. Louis, they don’t seem to mind that Colleen and I look like we can’t afford anything. They still give us the time of day. So refreshing.

In other news, I got my wireless router all hooked up. Mostly messing with it now. I’m using Nick’s old laptop with a wireless card. It’s much fun. Just need to lock it down now, so nobody starts leeching my service.

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