A Sad Day

Today a coworker and I made the trek over to City Food as we have previously done about once a week for the past few months.  We were in search of the elusive Roast Chicken Club (RCC), which is, by far, one of the most delectable sandwiches ever to be found.  It started out as an ordinary visit…

But what was this?  The regular cashier, the jovial lady who made every visit enjoyable, was no where to be found.  Instead, there was a new, fairly unhappy and very confused new lady.  And the interior.  Where was the TV, the couch, the atmosphere?  It had all been replaced by cold, dark, two person tables.  And the soda machine wasn’t even functioning (unknown reason).

Thankfully the infamous RCC remained on the menu, and so we were steadfast in our quest.  Once arriving at checkout we ventured to ask, “Has this place changed management?”  “Indeed it has, but nothing has changed.”  We both stared at him blankly, since it was quite obvious things had changed.  Then we questioned, “But will there still be free Big Ass Fridays?”  We were, of course, inquiring about the free large drink Fridays.  The cashier and the man behind the counter looked at each other puzzled, and then sheepishly responded, “Of course.”  I wasn’t sure if they were offended by the language, or that we even bothered to ask.

The doubts surrounding the fate of City Food and the RCC raced through my mind.  Thankfully, for the time being, the sandwich had remained the same, and we were still only charged the $0.50 for our water (Wednesday specials). 

Hopefully on future weekly visits I find the same great sandwich at the same price, otherwise City Food will be dead to me.  Dead.