Amazon Customer Service

After reading the Zappos book, and hearing mixed things about Amazon customer service, I finally had an issue that I needed to actually call them.  Now, I’ve used their online returns before, and have never had an issue.  However, on my trip to PVR this weekend my Kindle’s screen cracked.

It was working fine on the plane, and then I put it back in my bag.  However, when we arrived at the house, and I went to go lay in the hammock, I flipped it on and Bam!, Etch a Sketch screen where only some of the sections worked.  Needless to say, I was a sad panda since I wasn’t able to use my Kindle the whole time there.  Plus, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to have it for when I fly back to SIN on Sunday (man I fly a lot).

Anyways, I digress.  As I’m now back in the States, I gave Amazon a call this morning.  Barely any wait time later, Renee greeted me and helped me through the process.  Since I didn’t have an order number (it was a gift from Yow-Yow), I gave her my email, name, and address for verification.  She then asked what was wrong, if the screen was physically cracked or not, and then the normal questions:

  • Did the Kindle take any tumbles recently?
  • Has there been any pressure on the Kindle recently?
  • Has it been exposed to liquids or water?

Thankfully none of them applied to me, as it was just sitting there in it’s protective covering.  I then asked if I could have it next day, and would be willing to have it shipped faster (I need my Kindle in SIN).  She said that it is complimentary 1 day shipping and I’ll have it tomorrow!

So tomorrow, I should have a functioning Kindle again.  Talk about a painless process!  Mad props to both Amazon and Renee for making my morning!


New Kindle did arrive on Friday as promised, and it works great!  All my books have been transfered and things look a lot better.  Just in time for my flight too!