I received my $500 check (I thought it was going to be a Home Depot gift card) from Lending Tree last week. That was what I was waiting for before buying blinds, since I can’t go wrong with free money.

A few weeks ago, when I was in “the Depot” getting other things for my place, I stopped by their blinds section to see what they had. I knew I wanted wood blinds. They would just go very well with all the other wood accents in my place. I originally asked if they had samples that I could take home and look at. They don’t. Can someone explain to me how that works? Well, I went through and looked at types/colors. I found I really liked the Bali colors, along with the Hunter Douglas Genuine Wood blinds. Well, I liked the Hunter Douglas ones until I saw the price associated. Needless to say, the genuine wood blinds, as opposed to simply stained basswood ones are significantly more. Think $500 as compared to $150. Since I needed 4 windows treated, and I was getting $500 free, I figured I’d like to buy more than one for that price.

I didn’t really do much past that, since I was still waiting for my gift card to come. Once the check (to my surprise) finally came last week, the search was renewed. I was talking to some people at work, and one of the ladies mentioned she had just purchased her wood blinds from So, I went and visited the site only to find that I could order free samples! Now, I didn’t know if they were wood samples, or simply a printed paper, but something is better than nothing.

Needless to say, the samples came in yesterday, and they were actually pieces of the blinds. I had ordered quite a spread just to see how everything looked. Well, I ended up getting Bali Northern Heights with the Wheat (1710) color. They should be here in two weeks, probably when I’m on vacation over the fourth.

July will be a good month for the condo: blinds and the couch will arrive! Now I’ll have a place to sit, and some privacy!  Woohoo!

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