Buying Music

Last night I actually went and bought four CDs.  For those of you that know me, know that this rarely happens.  However, ever since I got my Citibank Rewards Credit Card, I keep accumulating points and then redeem the for Best Buy gift certificates.  So, I’m not really spending money to buy these CDs, since it’s really free money that I’d not normally have.  Plus I can then resell the CDs on and actually get money in my pocket without losing that much.

Now, the whole point of this tirade is to let everyone know what I bought.  It was the fact that I purchased CDs which I already had.  Granted, I hadn’t previously purchased these CDs, but it shows that if the band is truly good they will get their money (at least from me).  Hell, at least one of the CDs I would never have even heard of if it hadn’t been for downloading a song or two.

I still think the best way to actually get to know a band is to listen to them.  How else can you listen to a band without

a) going to a concert (and who goes to see the opening act?  plus it’s more expensive than a CD usually)
b) hearing it on the radio (oh wait, the radio sucks.  thankyou clearchannel)
c) hearing a commercial on the TV (granted, I’ve bought a few CDs because of this)
d) downloading music
e) sharing CDs with friends

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