Cell Phone

Anybody that’s trying to call my cell, don’t bother.  I just ordered an MPx220 from buy.com, and since I’m porting the number, my current phone is essentially dead.  When I attempt to place a call I get, essentially, the operator saying I need to supply a credit card, calling card, or I can place a collect call.  Honestly, I never knew that the cell phones would work that way.  I don’t know why they wouldn’t, but it never dawned on me.

Good thing I don’t use my phone that much anyways.  Oh, and I’m donating my old phone to A Woman’s Place that a friend works at.

Well, I have the new phone, and it and voicemail have been setup.  Now to just figure out all the bells and whistles with this thing.  Good lord, it has about eleventy billion more options than my old one.