Cleaning Treasures

This is about the first weekend I’ve been at home since Colleen and I broke up.  Needless to say I do the vast majority of apt cleaning during the weekends.  As you can imagine, it was beginning to become quite a pigsty.  The worst room, by far, was the extra bedroom/office, just because I’ve had almost no reason to do anything in there since I don’t have a computer in there or anything. 

Well, today was the day to do what I’ve been putting off by going on vacation and climbing the last few weeks.  It’s more or less of a spring cleaning in that room too, because there is stuff from when I originally moved here that I still hadn’t gone through completely.  Well, of course, I run into something from Colleen.  In fact it was a card that says, “…This past year has been great.  Hope we last for a long time.”  Talk about pulling the strings.

Well, off to finishing things up.  Just needed to take a break.  Throwing away stuff is about as fun as buying stuff.

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