I haven’t talked much about climbing lately.  It’s probably because I haven’t really done much exciting with it.  I head to the gym 1-2 times per week, and just work on the same stuff over and over.  Whatever, it keeps me in shape. 

However, last weekend was the Climbing Club’s callout trip.  Normally, I’m not all that excited about them, but this would be a great time to get Erin to start climbing.  So last Friday I brought her into the gym and taught her how to tie into the rope and to belay.  This way she’d be all set, and wouldn’t have to learn anything while we were down there.

We left Champaign at 5:30am on Saturday morning, and get there around 9ish, just when everyone was starting to head down to the routes.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know where anyone was heading, so we just kind of hiked around for a bit.  Then we watched some guy attempt a mixed route, but he didn’t know it was mix (always fun hearing someone ask if they missed a bolt).  Finally we found everyone and we got our climb on. 

Erin was a little nervous at first, which was understandable.  However, once she finished with one route she was hooked.  She was even doing the harder stuff, which impressed me.  However, she did have a hard time on some of the overhung stuff.  Figuring out how to get over bulges definitely set her back some, but hell, it was her first time outside, and second time roped up (she did a few easy routes at the gym on Friday).  Plus she was attempting 5.10a’s.

On Sunday, we were one of the first groups out of camp (we didn’t partake in the alcoholic beverages, mostly cause we didn’t bring any, and midnight bouldering), and so we headed down to something that would be a little more easier for her, so at least she’d get the satisfaction of making it to the top.  Needless to say, since we were the first ones out of camp, and it was already after 9, the route I was thinking about was already taken.  No biggie, we’ll just keep walking to Railroad Rock, since I’m sure nobody will be down there.  Thankfully no one was, and there is an easy 5.8 there.  I setup the top rope and Erin went up.  She had a couple problems where she couldn’t figure it out, but still made it to the top.  Upon getting to the bottom she informed me that she’ll be doing it again, in order to fix the problem spots.  Sure enough, she did, 2 or 3 more times. 

I was impressed.

After I cleaned the route, we headed out, since she had 2 tests this week she needed to study for.  All in all not a bad weekend.  I think she got up something like 6 routes, and I got up something like 7 or 8.  Granted, it wasn’t as many as I usually do, but it was still good fun.