CSS Project Destination Authentication Account

Been a long time again, but I have a few updates to put up here.  They may not help a lot of people, but they are good things that I want to remember 🙂

Commerce Server uses a pretty antiquated system for doing content and code promotions.  It is called Commerce Server Staging (CSS).  We have set it up, but want to better automate the deployment of all the CSS projects (jobs).  For the life of me, I could not figure out how to add in the destination authentication account programmatically.  Thankfully it wasn’t something short sighted I was missing.  After discussing with Microsoft for awhile, there is apparently some undocumented switches on CSS.exe.  After you add the project (css.exe addproj), you then need to edit the project with the following syntax:

css.exe editproj [project] Destination=[server];[username];[password]

Yay to automation!

Turns out you can do this with the Addproj also doing the same way with the semicolon separated items for the destination.