Downtime Yesterday

So, there were some technical difficulties yesterday.  And by technical difficulties, I mean that I killed the router.  Basically what happened was I attempted to fix my router problem by following the “Linksys WRT54G + Bittorrent Problems?” link from yesterday.  Note to anyone who’s attempting to do this; do not attempt this fix while you are at work on the WAN side of the router.  Yes, I know it wasn’t my brightest moment, but it should have worked fine.

It turns out that it had worked fine, but upon reboot, it didn’t pick up an IP address from Comcast, so it just sat there, all stupid like.

Anyways, the fix appeared to work, but not for long.  The same problems come right back.  I think I know what the problem may be now, so I’m going to attempt to fix it again tonight.