Expensive Advertising

While some software loads, I thought I’d share my thoughts on some advertising I received in the mail today.  On the outside, it looked like a magazine offer for Urban Trends magazine.  I’ve been keeping up on some design stuff lately, so I thought I’d open it up and give it a look.  Opening up the sample magazine (~6 pages), gave me nothing but Mercury Milan ads.  Then I found the DVD. 

Yes, it came with a DVD.  It was also plastered with Milan ads on it.  Oh great, they got me to open up there junk mail, basically because they lied to me, and now they expect me to actually consider this car?!  In addition to the magazine and DVD there was a letter, a piece of paper in the shape of sunglasses proclaiming their website, and a comment card.

The upside, on the letter, there’s a “rebate” for a $50 american express card, but you have to test drive the car.  I don’t want to test drive the car, I have no desire (but the $50 may get me if I have extra time).  The only thing I think of when I hear Mercury is cars that are identical to Ford’s (because they are, the Milan is a Fusion), and that HORRIBLE actress they have for their SUV ads.  In no way shape or form would you find me in a Milan, unless I was renting a car.

And wasting who knows how much money on this advertisement to make Mercury appear “hip” to the “urban crowd” is definitely not well spent money.

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