Frozen Pipes

So, after looking at the time stamp above, you may be asking yourself if I’m still on vacation? Well, no, I’m not. I’m just not at work right now because maintenance is at our apartment fixing our frozen pipes. Needless to say, last night it got pretty chilly, and our pipes didn’t seem to take the weather too well. Thankfully they didn’t burst, but apparantly, where the pipes run is in the little room that can only be accessed outside (not part of our apt). Well, to no one’s surprise (well, at least not my own), this area isn’t heated, and therefore will be the same temperature as it is outside (it just blocks the wind effectively). And who would’ve thunk the pipes would’ve froze?! Apparantly they have insulated the crap out of these pipes, but the maintenance guy is sure that they must have missed someplace, since when we called the emergency number we were informed that this happens about every year. Now, you’d think that since this happens (almost) yearly, they’d let us know. At least have us run the water at night or something. Dammit, there I go making sense again.

There was something else I was gonna post on here, but for the life of me, I can’t remember. Well, off to find something to do while the hot water heater refills itself so I can take a shower.

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