Getting a Dell

Today, until the 14th (I think), there is an awesome deal on Dell’s Dimension 4700.  For $499 (after $100 rebate), you get a 2.8GHz 800MHz FSB HT P4, 256MB DDR2 400MHz RAM, 40GB SATA Harddrive, 2 Year Warranty, FREE 17” LCD Monitor, and free shipping. 

Just today, I was trying to transcode some Divx files to MPEG to burn to a DVD for my Mom (yes Mom, I’m still working on it), and I realized how dumb of an idea that was going to be on my tablet.  I started thinking that I needed to actually get a workstation for home, to do some of the things the tablet just isn’t very good at.  Of course, this deal just happened to start today, so, instead of getting a watch with my tax refund, I’ll be getting a new machine.  I did, however, upgrade the ram to 512MB and a 80GB harddrive.

Hopefully I’ll have it soon so that I can give my Mom her bday gift.