Happy New Year


Well, I think I borked my xbox yesterday. Joy. It was just going to be a simple day copying stuff. However, Aaron Binford, a student worker at DIA, got a 250GB harddrive. However, we couldn’t simply get his bios to reflash enabling his xbox to see over 137GB. Well, we since mine has a 200GB drive in it, we decided to swap out my chip, and see if it works, etc. Well, needless to say, we finally got his working, but after I got mine all back together, it didn’t boot. So, I took it back apart and worked on it for quite awhile. Right now, it’s completely in pieces. With none of the modchip pieces hooked up, it STILL doesn’t work. So, I haven’t touched it since yesterday. I hope I can get it fixed. If not, at least I’ll know exactly how to get it working right the next time. I may try to return it to ebgames, since I did get the “no questions asked” warranty. I just feel kinda sleezy for doing that.

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