Happy Turkey Day

Ok, why does fedex think that my wireless xbox adapter needs to spend the WHOLE day in chicago? It got there at 6am this morning, and didn’t leave till after 5pm. Grrrr…

Oh, and for those of you that have a modded xbox, and don’t really want to pay for xbox live, I’ve found a nice free alternative here. You can even use it if you don’t have a modded xbox, but it then requires you to start games for an PC. Whereas, if you have a modded xbox, you can start games right from your tv! Plus there’s a messenger client (for the PC) and you can use games that are saved to your xbox harddrive. I think I’m in heaven! Also, voice comm works, and it works with all 37 xbox live games. How can you go wrong?

It’s almost time for Turkey Day, so if I don’t get around to updating it before then, Happy Turkey Day from all of us here at rebelpeon.com (and by that, I mean me).

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