Labor Day Weekend

Yesterday, Erin and I went to a Cubs game with some people from work.  It was actually quite a bit of fun.  We got up to Murphy’s at 11, waited around for everybody, and then headed into the bleachers.  We all sat by each other, and drank way too much beer.  Talk about an awesome day for a game though: sunny and 75 degrees.  Needless to say, there were a few burned bodies there.  Thankfully mine, not so much, but wow, the girl sitting next to me (not in our group) was quite pink.  She laughed when I was talking to someone else about how I put 45 on before I left.  Ha, who’s laughing last now!

Needless to say, though, the Cubs lost.  We didn’t even elect to stay to the end, instead we headed to another bar.  Erin and I headed home, which wasn’t the same for many of the people in our group.  They were heading to Union Park, which is actually over by my place.  However, we both needed a nap.

And then today, we went out and rode ~30 miles.  So much for taking it easy.  Other things on my plate include, work on the website(s), change the oil in my car, and possibly go climbing tomorrow.  I figure we may as well make the most of it, since it was supposed to rain all weekend, and I doubt we’ll have too many more that are this nice.