Large File Transfers

One of the problems I know I’ve had in the past, especially at work, is transferring large files between two places.  Usually this happens with virtual machines, and developers needing access to the originals.  There has never been a good way around this.  I’ve tried various things: FTP, Dropbox-esque cloud sites, sneaker net, etc.

However, I stumbled upon a new site that is doing things a bit differently.  Basically their system just maximizes the route between two endpoints and then you send the file directly.  Obviously this isn’t a good choice for upload once, consume a lot items, but if you just need to get things sent once, it could work pretty well.

The site is called Sendoid, and they have both a web and desktop application.  Looks pretty basic and worthwhile.  I haven’t tried it yet, but it could also work well for distributed backups (house my files on someone else’s computer like my parent’s).