Links 4/13

  • Segways at the New York Auto Show—The picture and comments alone are worth a view.
  • Keep the Snacks in Illinois Schools—I’m guessing this didn’t get passed because of the money problem.  Vending machines bring in money for politicians schools.

    Legislators in Illinois have voted against a proposed junk food ban. The bill would have eliminated all junk foods from vending machines in elementary and middles schools, grades K-8, in the state.

  • McDonald’s Fattier in US than Abroad

    At a New York City McDonald’s, a large fries-and-chicken-nuggets combo had 10.2 g of trans fat, Spain, Russia and the Czech Republic had a mere 3 g, and Denmark nuggets and fries came in the lowest at 0.33 g of trans fat.

  • Obese?  Write It Off!

    The cost of weight-loss programs that are part of the treatment for obesity are tax deductible, the Internal Revenue Service ruled Tuesday.

  • Obesity Tax

    When you go to a store to buy food or anything for consumption, you’re carded—just like children under 21 are carded when they try to purchase alcohol. Upon viewing the obesity notation on your license, the cashier will add a mandatory 25% tax on your food & drink purchases on top of normal taxes.

  • Honey, We’re Killing the Kids