Links 5/30

  • 8 Teens in Nissan Sentra Fall 200’

    Eight kids out for a Mulholland drive are lucky to be alive today, after the Nissan Sentra they were traveling in rolled 250’ down a cliff at 2:20am on Friday in Los Angeles, California. You read that correctly, eight teens-two of which had stuffed themselves in the trunk.

  • VW Will Drop Diesels for ‘07

    VW will drop the diesel versions of its Jetta, Golf and Beetle models for the 2007 model year, which begins this fall. The new U.S. limits for nitrogen oxide emissions are among the most stringent in the world.

  • Biodiesel Cleans—Well, duh.
  • Fiji Timeshare

    The goal: to build a sustainable eco-community and keep at bay developers with dreams of massive hotel complexes.

  • Chicago Antique Market

    An indoor and outdoor European-style urban antique market located along the historic and distinctive Randolph Street Market District.