Lost It’s Fun

I think this has lost it’s fun.  It seems so forced most of the time, and I think that’s why I end up not posting things as often anymore.  I barely have time to do this anymore except for the weekends, and then I’d rather do other things.  I come home from work, eat, then either go climbing or go to the gym.  Hell, somedays I do both.  Climbing is a great warmup before I go run and lift.  It’s way better than walking for a little bit before the run.  If I wasn’t going to help my Aunt and her company (Square One Design) move tomorrow and Monday, I probably would’ve headed down to Jackson today since it was beautiful out.

Today was Colleen’s first day working days (I know, it was supposed to be tomorrow, but it WAS, until they changed her schedule).  She gets the 1pm-11pm shift.  Plus she got a fairly substantial raise.  She’s definitely happy about it (as am I).

I’m definitely enjoying having all my speakers now.  I’ve been slowly going through all my DVD’s and listening to them they way they should be.  When I bought the center channel and the surrounds from the guy, I had mentioned that my HT system is pretty much done, except for a sub.  He said that when he bought his mains (which I’m currently using as surrounds…hehe), he was told he wouldn’t need a sub unless he wanted really low punchy bass.  I’m just listening to some music (streaming off my xbox from my mp3’s upstairs) in stereo (the way it’s meant to be listened to), and I can’t believe how punchy the bass is on my mains.  I’m used to stupid computer speaker setups with whimpy subs, and it’s insane how floppy they sound compared to what I’m listening to now (Sherly Crow – The Very Best Of).  When I was listening to the Matrix, the building entrance scene was intense.  I had to turn it down multiple times for fear of the neighbors.

So, for those of you that go to the University, you may see some flyers on the quad, and in various buildings about modding xbox’s and ps2’s.  Well, that’s Aaron and I.  We’re gonna print up a few fliers here in the next week or so and see what kinda interest there is.  Should be good times.  The fliers are actually all made, I just need to make a make shift website for it now.  Currently he’s going to be hosting it, but since his site is down quite a bit, it *may* get moved to mine.