Medical Trifecta

Well, today was the last of my three checkups that I finally got around to doing.  This included the Eye Doctor, Dentist, and then to get a physical.  I figured now would be a good time to get around to all those, since I still worked at the University, and they have such wonderful benefits. 

Apparantly I ran out of my physical too fast, because I was supposed to get signed up for a Tetanus shot.  My doctor looked at me kind of funny when I said that it has been since ‘94 since I had my last one.  Plus, while I was there I had him look at a mole on my back.  He said that it didn’t look bad, and I didn’t need to worry about it, but then when he came back after I had dressed he was carrying a book about moles and melanoma, etc, and said that he actually wanted me to meet with a dermatologist. 

So, while my original three appointments are finished, I still need to head back in two times in the next week.  One for the tetanus shot, the next for the dermatologist.  It’s like a party, at the doctors.

Oh yeah, and just in case anyone was worried, I’m in perfect condition.

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