Migration to WordPress Network Part 2

I had two outstanding items to figure out before migrating my last site.  Today I was able to knock off one.

My Director installation used to be a directory under my website.  Unfortunately, with migrating to a wordpress network, that wouldn’t work.  This is because everything is done via DNS redirection and so a directory doesn’t physically sit where you think it does.  I can only think of the nightmares it could cause.

Instead, I moved it to a sub domain.  This seemed to fix all the issues, and it is actually pretty nice there.  I just had to update a few links on various pages, make a few php.ini updates, and all was well.

Now it’s on to the massive site.  I think I have to import only a few records at a time.  Turns out, with all the media attached to each post, it kept timing out.

Update: Well, that was a fun experiment.  Since I can’t seem to upload any of my previous entries (Dreamhost kills the script), I’ve decided things are working ok with two WordPress installs, and that’s how it will stay.  The other site is huge anyways, so it makes sense…