More CSS Fun

As I am sure you gathered from other recent posts, we are using (read: testing) CSS for a lot of stuff.  Well, we found out a beautiful new issue when creating and editing projects from the command line. 

When you look at MSDN about adding a filter to a Project, you are presented with the following syntax:

/Filter “+text1.txt -*.exe -dir1 +…*.jpg”

Needless to say, that is not correct.  For AddProj, they syntax has to be correct, but for EditProj, syntax is a lot more lax (the below is the syntax for EditProj).  Regardless, everything in the quotes is incorrect.  Instead a filter should look like the following:

Filter=+“text.txt” -”*.exe” -“dir1” +”…*.jpg”

They are either updating the MSDN article or creating a KB article about this.