Moved from EE

My Dreamhost server was upgraded awhile ago, and ever since then I have had nothing but issues with my installation of EE.  A lot of other things had issues too, but I was easily able to reinstall and everything worked.  Sadly, that was not an option for EE as my yearly download had expired.  No way was I going to pay just to get things back to where they were.

Needless to say I have been wanting to migrate over, and just never really had the time to do it.

Well, I did it today because I’ve been wanting to post a few things.  I think everything migrated over fairly well, but there are definitely a few issues.  I really wanted to use some rewrite logic to keep all the inbound links working, but I’m afraid that just isn’t going to happen.

Without further ado, hopefully there were be some fun tech updates soon!