Moving Again

Well, it’s been another two years, so it’s time to pack up and move again.  Man, and I thought it was bad when I lived with my parents and we moved every four years or so.  As you know from previous posts, I’m moving up to Chicago.  Aaron and I actually signed a lease yesterday for an awesome apt, that’s within walking distance of work (but not in a high rise).

The place is the top floor of a 4 floor walk up.  The first floor is actually the landlords office, and the other two floors are singles (each floor is divided in two).  The landlord actually used to live in the apt we’re renting quite a few years ago, so it has a lot of amenities: jacuzzi, custom cabinets, stainless steel range (viking exhaust that raises out of counter, just like my parents had a few houses ago), dual ovens, Sub-Zero fridge.  The landlord has a bad hip, too, so he installed an elevator;  a private elevator for only the 4th floor.  Plus, I’m getting a garage spot, which will be very nice.  I don’t think my car will know what to do, not being parked outside in the elements.  The place has gorgeous views of the city too, since it’s only 11 blocks west of downtown.  There is a shared patio on the back for all tenants.  It has a gas grill and a small fish pond.  I can see many summer evenings spent out on the porch with beers and burgers. 

All for under 1900 for the two of us.  We both saw it as a great deal and jumped on it.  I’m glad we did too, because apparently the guy showed it to a few other people after us. 

I pick up the keys on Friday, and Aaron may start moving stuff in this weekend.  However, Erin (oh wow, this is gonna get fun, eh?) is also moving to a new place this weekend, so I’m going to help her, and then, come Memorial Day weekend, head down to Champaign and rent a Uhaul to truck my stuff up.

To all my faithful readers, you know you wanna help 🙂  Beer and pizza may be provided!

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