Moving Out

First of all, Colleen I’m sorry if you don’t want me putting this on my website, but I want to hear what other people think about this.  Ok, now on to the goods.

So, yesterday, Colleen came home and told me she isn’t living with me in the fall.  Of course, I thought she was kidding.  Well, it turns out she’s actually made her final decision.  I think all that remains is for her to sign the lease.  She apparantly is going to live with a girl she knows from work. 

What I want to know from people that actually read this blog is, is should I be worried?  She keeps telling me that it’s not because she doesn’t want to be with me, or that she wants to breakup or anything like that.  According to her, she just wants some space to be on her own.  However, I can’t help but feel as if this is her way of just getting more space, so that a breakup isn’t as painful.  We would slowly stop seeing each other as much, and then poof, it’s done.  Only nobody ends up crying nearly as much because we’ve grown apart into our own lives.  Obviously if we lived together it would be a royal pain to breakup, but does the end of our lease on August 1st give her a way out?

She also mentions that it would be cheaper for her to live with her friend.  Yes, rent is going to be cheaper, but she’ll have to start paying all the household bills then, since I do them now.  I mean, she may save $50 a month on the numbers she gave me, but whatever.

I’m really hurt about this, but she keeps telling me that I shouldn’t be.  Should I be?

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