New Desk

I finally received the desk I had been pining over for the last few years.  I ordered it back around the beginning of June, I got a call from USF Holland yesterday, and I took delivery of the desk today.  Since I know you’re all wondering what kind it is, I suppose I’ll clue you in.  It’s a Herman Miller Eames Desk Unit.  I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this little gem, but ever since I did, I’ve wanted one.

Getting it up to the apt wasn’t that bad either.  I had already removed it from the packaging (lots of cardboard on a pallet), and then Aaron and I brought it up in the elevator.  Before the receptionist at USF Holland told me how much it weighed, I thought that there wouldn’t be a problem moving it around.  But at 165 lbs, it’s quite heavy.  Oh well, it’s not like it’ll be moving any time soon.

Now, to get a chair.  At work we have Aeron chairs, and I enjoy them quite a bit.  But my Aunt, who’s in the know on these things, says that Haworth x99’s are way better.  Unfortunately I can’t find a price on them online anywhere.  Oh well, I’ll just have to contact her and find out if she can help me out.