One Step Closer

Last night, after work, I headed down to the VW Dealership.  I wanted to get some numbers straight from them.  Well, since I had been there previously and worked with a guy, the guy that Nick recommended me got me back in touch with him.  Actually, he wasn’t there, so I was given to someone else.  Talk about a tool.  I told him what I was looking for (knowing they didn’t have any), and he about walked off.  I asked him if they could trade with any other dealerships, and he said yeah.  I was definitely not happy with this guy, but I brought my truck around for him to look at and give me a trade-in price, and what the payments would look like.  Well, the Out the Door price he quoted me was actually above sticker price with the trade-in price he gave me.  Needless to say I left saying I’d think about it. 

Now, I’m using and trying to talk to another guy about the car.  The incentive deals that have right now are ok, but nothing special (3.9% for > 36 months).  However, these expire on the 6th of July.  I’m hoping that there is something better, but we’ll have to see.  I was quoted for $300/month for 72 months, but I’m looking at $300/month for 60 months.  If they can do that, then we’ve got a deal.  It out to be interesting to see what they can do for me.

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