Michael brought up a great point the other day.  As he puts it, “there’s way to much shit i know.”  Now, granted, this usually isn’t that big of a problem.  However, it’s when you haven’t been using that knowledge and you want to attempt to remember it in a timely fashion, that things begin to breakdown.  Personally, I’d hate to think of all the stuff I have forgotten about just because I haven’t used them.  Well, now I may have a personal solution.  Windows Sharepoint Services.

Hopefully this will help me clean out my bookmarks, since that’s where I have a tendency to keep all this stuff.  Usually, I have a problem, find the solution, and then have to redo all the previous steps when said problem comes up again.  It’d be nice if I had a personal place where I could just copy things into, and be able to edit them as I need to also. 

Case in point, just today, my brother needed help with something, and I needed to do a remote assistance session with him.  Now, he’s behind a router that doesn’t support uPNP, so I had to manually edit the remote assistance file that he sent me.  Granted, I’ve had to do this before, but hell if I remembered.  So I had to waste a good 10-20 minutes figuring out why I was having such a hard time connecting to him (plus the fact he had xp home, which I didn’t remember, so I couldn’t just TS in). 

Hopefully this will make everything better.  You can view my personal knowledge base at it’s new location.