Six Flags

Headed up to Six Flags yesterday for a corporate event.  The company I work for’s parent rented out the whole park for the day.  Normally I really have no desire to go to Six Flags.  It’s fun and all, but I’ve never been a fine of waiting in lines.  Especially for rollercoasters, which I’m not really the biggest fan of to begin with.  Plus you have to pay to park, pay for the tickets ($55), food, etc.  It really becomes expensive for what you get out of it.

However, I’ll definitely go on a corporate event.  There were no lines, it only cost $25 per ticket, and parking was free.  Such a deal!  I rode every ‘coaster there at least once, and there were points where you didn’t even have to exit the ride, you could just ride it two times in a row.  There also weren’t that many people walking around.  It didn’t feel swamped and the weather was nice (despite a few minute showers).  There’s nothing like riding the American Eagle getting pelted with rain.

Next time I go, though, I need to wear contacts.  There were a few times I felt a lil’ sick, but I think that had a lot to do with not being able to see.  Superman definitely made me feel that way, but as JoeJohn pointed out, it was probably because of the orientation of your body which made you feel as though you were hovering over the toilet.

Best complete rides were definitely American Eagle which I rode 3 times or so and Raging Bull which I rode twice.  The best single drop though was definitely the first drop of Deja Vu.  It was the only ride with a long line, and it was closed for most of the day, but it was worth it.  Well, that is until we got stuck on it and it wouldn’t let us off.

Rides we rode: Raging Bull, Superman, Batman (ugh, that one made me feel bad too), Deja Vu, Virtical Velocity (not really all the fun, but good on technical merit), Viper (snakes on a mf’in train!), American Eagle, Iron Wolf (painful for the ears), Demon, the bumpercars, and the Whizzer.