The Week Was Going Quite Well

After lunch today, I went to put a bag into my trunk, when I was greeted with a nice “FL” engraved into it.  Talk about a quick way to put me in bad spirits.  I mean, talk about a low thing to do, go around keying cars.  What’s really frustrating about it, is that this person actually took the time to write something in.

I swear, I never had any problems with the truck like this, and it definitely wouldn’t have bothered me nearly this much.  It was either some student walking back to their dorms (as I work right next to them), or someone where I live.  Honestly, I think it was someone where I live because that’s how my windshield was broken, and the kids that live there have a tendency to do a lot of crap like that.  The other day they were throwing rocks not 5ft away from the parked cars, etc.  Plus, there aren’t nearly as many people walking around.

I’m tempted to talk to my landlords about this, but again, I have no proof.  I just need to figure out the best way to fix it now.  I could use touch up paint on it, but then there’s the huge bulge which is almost always just as bad as the original mark.  Apparently there is goo stuff that can get rid of the bulge, but I haven’t tried it yet.  It was something I read on TDI Club.


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