Trip to Grand Rapids

Geez, and I wanted to be updating this site semi-daily. Oh well, so much for that. Where to start…

Went to the Howie Day concert on Friday. It was really good! There were two openers, Toby Lightman and Matt Nathanson. Both of which I highly recommend. Unfortunately, Toby doesn’t have an album out yet, but it should be sometime soon. Also, if you’re going to get one of Matt Nathanson’s albums, I recommend his newest one (Beneath These Fireworks) over his first. His voice has definitely matured on his second album. Talk about a funny guy too, it was a good time.

The plan was that Colleen and I were going to drive up on Thursday night to Detriot, but then neither of us got any sleep the night before, so we decided to drive up to Grand Rapids (where the concert was) on Friday, stick around for the concert and then drive to Detriot after that. However, when we got to Grand Rapids, we met up with my Aunt, and she invited us to stay the night. That was probably the more sane way of doing it, since the concert didn’t get out till after midnight EST.

The reason I didn’t get any sleep the night before was because we (Nick, Jason, and I) decided to move the servers out of our office and into a different room. Needless to say, this took a little longer than we expected. I came in around 9:15pm Weds night, and didn’t leave until 7:30am Thurs morning. I just went home for a shower, and then came back in till 3ish. Yeah, I’m glad we decided against driving up on Thrusday evening. It wouldn’t have gone well, especially since Colleen worked Weds night and then had training Thurs, so she didn’t get any sleep either.

Speaking of Jason, Jason Minard as started working at DIA now, since Nick has moved out of DS and into a permanent position at DIA. Things will be…different. In other things at work, I’ve been working a lot of getting various scripts working (inventory, logs, etc) to make my life easier. Batching processes is much easier than having to do remedial tasks one at a time. Automation is a great thing too. Slowly, but surely I’m making my mark here at DIA. Hopefully it’ll give me more leeway later on in my career. Speaking of work, I should probably get back to doing some instead of working on stuff from home 🙂