Weekend Wrapup

Wow, talk about a beautiful Friday and Saturday (and Sunday started out great). Friday evening started out with appetizers out on the patio with Erin, my parents and my brother (Jason), who came down for the weekend. It was too gorgeous not to be outside, and well the apartment was a little warm. We all headed across the street for dinner at May Street Market.

Dinner was quite appetizing, and the atmosphere was nice and modern. It appears to be a completely different restaurant than the Italian place it used to be, but that’s only from observing externally as I never actually ate there. The market also has a large lounge area where the full menu is also served. I can see going back there just for drinks and desserts sometime, especially since it’s so close.

Post diner, we headed back out on the patio with some wine. The evening was just too enjoyable not to be outside. Around 11 I brought my parents to their hotel, and Jason, Binford, and I played some guitar hero. Jason played until I told him to stop at around 3am. I think he was addicted. Maybe it was all the rockin’ out?

The next day the fam, Erin, and I strolled around Millennium and Grant park. I showed them the bean, it was a glorious day. We then hit up Portillo’s for some Big Beefs and Chicago Style hotdogs, something you can never go wrong with. The family then headed back home to Detroit, and Erin and I took a much needed nap.

The night concluded with a trip to the movies to see Thank You For Smoking. Hilarity ensued. Talk about a great movie. By far the best part is the very end, when Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart) talks about how the population already knows that smoking is bad for them and that a picture isn’t going to help. Also, at the same point he alludes to the fact that education should fall into the parents responsibility range, and not the governments. And for those that have seen it, “Jeff, when do you sleep?!” “Sunday.” Hilarious.

The weekend concluded with a trip to Vertical Endeavor on Sunday, and then heading over to Erin’s parents place for Easter Dinner. Except for the horrible thunderstorms that hit while we were there, it was another excellent day.

Now I just need to recover from the weekend with another weekend.

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