Windows 2008 Role Services for MOSS 2007

After trying to install MOSS 2007 on a new Windows 2008 box, I almost went completely bonkers.  No place in the installation documentation does it tell you what Role Services need to be installed for MOSS to successfully install and run.  Initially MOSS 2007 wouldn’t even install because I didn’t have the IIS6 metabase compatability installed.  However, just because it’s installed, doesn’t mean it actually runs.  I then started installing additional role services to see if I could get it to work.  Needless to say, even after installing all of services, my MOSS installation didn’t work.  Turns out you need to have the services installed prior to actually installing MOSS.  Otherwise the page will never render, and you’ll get a 5MB binary download instead of the actual application.

However, after I knew what I was looking at (reinstalling MOSS again after all the services were installed), I decided to start whittle down the actual services I need.  Instead of doing it by hand, I finally found a website that listed what’s needed.  I’d like to give Bill Baer’s site a shoutout as to where I found this information.

Web Server

  • Common HTTP Features
  • Static Content
  • Default Document
  • Directory Browsing
  • HTTP Errors

Application Development

  • .NET Extensibility
  • ISAPI Extensions
  • ISAPI Filters

Health and Diagnostics

  • HTTP Logging
  • Logging Tools
  • Request Monitor
  • Tracing


  • Basic Authentication
  • Windows Authentication
  • Digest Authentication
  • Request Filtering


  • Static Content Compression
  • Dynamic Content Compression

Management Tools

  • IIS Management Console

IIS 6 Management Compatibility

  • IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility