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So, instead of renting movies from blockbuster, family video, or any other local establishment, I’ve started renting them from gamefly. It works pretty well. They have an INSANELY larger collection and they seem to have most of the games in stock. The basis of it is similar to netflix, where you set up a queue for the games you want, they send them to you in the mail, and then you send them back. You can only have 2 games at a time, and you just send the games back whenever you want. The games are shipped USPS one day, or something like that, so turn around is fast. It’s still not as fast as going someplace in town, but I can handle it. Amazingly enough, most of their games are available too without having to wait. That was one of the reasons I never got into netflix (I had heard they were horrible about having stuff in stock). So far, pretty much every game I’ve wanted (be it, it’s only been 4) have been in. It works really well when 2 of the guys in the office also signed up for it. We should be flying through games now. And all for $22 a month. I figure, as long as I rent more than 4 games a month, it’s a better deal than going to blockbuster.

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