1 Year Baby

That’s right folks, looking back through the archives, it has come to my attention that rebelpeon.com has been around for a full year!  You can see the post that started it all.  Nothing special, but talk about a year it has been. 

It’s amazing how much I, as a person, have changed.  Be it from actually getting a job after graduating, to my multitude of purchases throughout the year, to then complaining about work, to the thing with Colleen, to the multitude of website changes.  It ought to see what the next year brings me.

On a more personal note, if anyone out there has ever thought of making a website/dairy thing, go for it.  I have this great and easy place to look through my past with the greatest of ease.  Plus, I can search, and just read things from certain categories and what not.  This is so much better than a book that I write in, plus other people can participate in my madness.  Granted that’s not always the greatest thing, and I definitely still keep things off the site that I wish I could talk about, but it’s better than not letting things out at all.  Hell, just sign up for bloglines or something.  It’s definitely worth it.