Gamecube Stuff is Gone

Well, as of today, the last of my gamecube stuff is gone.  The broadband adapter sold today.  I just have to send it out and I’m done.  Overall, I lost $4 on the Gamecube mistake.  I’m happy with that.  The broadband adapter sold for $45 (retails for $35), the memory card sold for $24 (retails for $30), and the Phantasy Star Online game sold for $55 (I paid $45).  If only didn’t take out such a huge chunk, I could’ve made money on the venture.  Oh well, no biggie, at least I made back all the cash I spent (minus taxes).  I’d definitely recommend using if you’re trying to sell something, especially if doesn’t actually sell it, but they have it listed.  That’s how I was able to get over retail value for two of the products I sold.