Well, another year has passed, and it seems like they are, as usual, just flying by.  I can’t really say that 2004 was a good or bad year, there were definitely high and low points.  For the coming year there are definitely things I want to do differently this year, and/or change.  I don’t really want to get into it here (I’ll probably get an “expectations meeting”), but those of you who know me, know some of the things I’m thinking of.

Anyways, for New Years, I headed back up to Chicago (2nd time this week, but still on the same tank of fuel).  I stayed at Ann’s place, and since she knows more people in Chicago than I do, I left her in charge of figuring out what we were doing for New Years.  Well, she knew some people that lived downtown that were having a party of sorts.  Now, this place was right downtown (as you can see from the link).  The part that makes this funny is that the people that live in said apartment are newlyweds, one is a school teacher, and the other is in law school at UIUC no less.  Also, there’s the fact that they own this place, and not simply rent it.  Well, I wouldn’t exactly say that they own it, more like their parents.  And I can only imagine how much they paid for this place that is like one third of the size of my apt. 

Anyways, we had a good time, and we went outside (in the chilly weather without coats) to watch the fireworks display from the lake.  Lake Shore Dr was backed up all the way because people were just parking their cars on the road to watch the fireworks.  It was pretty nuts.  Anyways Ann hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before and so when we headed back up to the apt, she started falling asleep on the couch.  Well, the group had decided that hanging out in the apt was a bust, and instead wanted to visit a bar.  Being right downtown doesn’t afford you that much in the selection of bars, as I had already found out on Monday night when a family friend and I had scoured the area around Wacker.

Needless to say, the bar was pretty dead, and Ann was about ready to fall asleep on here stool.  I told her we should get a cab and head home.  Crazily enough, I didn’t receive any disagreement from her.  So we headed back to her place, and when we got there, her roommate, Evan, and his friend were watching The Rock.  In under 5 minutes, I swear that all of them were asleep. 

That’s pretty much my night.  It was fun, could’ve been different, but being a “nice guy” has it’s benefits and downsides I suppose.  Who knows.