Today I ventured out of the house to find the restaurant supply stores that we have here in the area.  Needless to say, I found both of them.  Now, the reasn I did this was to find a cookie sheet that doesn’t suck.  The ones I currently had, had a lip around the edge, but the corners weren’t closed.  Therefore, cooking anything that needed a solid edge was out of the question (i.e. bacon). 

Unfortunately, my small oven won’t support a full sized sheet.  Therefore, I had to go with the half-sheet.  What really sucked, was that both of the supply stores didn’t have cooling racks for half sheet pans.  However, they did have smaller cooling racks that I can nicely fit two of into the half sheet pan.  I even got a deal on the pan and cooling racks, under $20.

Now, what does this new sheetpan and cooling rack get me?  Bacon!  I’ve had a slab of bacon in my freezer for awhile now, but I’ve been unable to cook it because I haven’t had a closed wall cookie sheet.  Yes, I know, I could’ve done it on the stove top, but talk about a mess.  I also could’ve done it on the grill, but it’s been too cold out.

Needless to say the cookie sheet and cooling racks worked wonderfully.  The bacon was nice a crisp, not squished up on itself, and not loaded with fat (the bacon on the cooling rack allowed the fat to drain away).  The BLTs that I made with the bacon were delicious, even without the tomatoes.  Yum.

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