Thinking About Backups…Again

Well, it’s getting close to that time to re-evaluate backups as I think my $2.50/month backup plan is going away in July.

So far, there’s a few things I’ve looked at, but interested in what others are thinking (if anyone even reads this anymore).

  1. Glacier Backup (Synology)
  2. Hyper Backup (Synology)
  3. P5 Backup
  4. Cloud Sync (Synology)
  5. iDrive
  6. CloudBerry
  7. Duplicati
  8. Duplicacy

Some background – in CrashPlan my backup set is currently 1.3TB. However, a lot of that is versions.


  1. So what’d you end up doing? I had still stuck with crashplan, but I need to just get off my butt and do something different. I’ve see both good and bad things about iDrive in comments online, but it’s hard to figure out what are genuine issues and not just sour grapes / user error.

    1. Funny you should ask. I actually just cancelled my CrashPlan account a few weeks ago as I thought it bumped up in July, but really it’s August. I’ve got a draft post updated as to what I’m doing, but here’s some insider info – I’m using Duplicacy.

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