mkvtoolnix on Synology

I’ve been fighting this for awhile as the mkvtoolnix package doesn’t have the correct dependencies when you install it.  Well, after doing a bit more digging I’ve found the answer to get mkvmerge to work!

Packages required:

  • mkvtoolnix
  • bzip2
  • boost-filesystem
  • boost-system

Then, you need to set an environment variable of LANG=C.  This can be done from the command line.

Tada, works!

*UPDATE – Jan 1 2016*

In addition to the LANG=C environment variable being set, I’ve also had to add in LC_ALL=C.  For me, I run a script that calls mkvmerge, so I just set both of these in the script.


    1. 1. Enable SSH –
      2. Install ipkg –
      3. Run the following:
      ipkg install mkvtoolnix bzip2 boost-filesystem boost-system
      4. Create a script to do whatever you want with mkvtools and make sure that script has “LANG=C” run prior to any mkvtools, or type in “LANG=C” in the SSH session. I don’t have it set as a system wide environment variable, so if you want that you’ll have to find that out on your own.

  1. The way that I’m doing it is that I have a script that runs any of my mkv stuff. Prior to calling any of the MKV tools, just have a line that is “LANG=C” within the script.

    If you are doing something from the command line, just type that in and hit return and the variable will be valid for that SSH session.

  2. Where i can find that script? What version of MKVtool i must install – Debian? How to install mkvtool ? just type kind of installpkg %pkglink% in shell?

    i just cant see the full way how to get mkvtool on synology, can you please explain this?

      1. Frank, how did you go about upgrading the version? Last I looked into it, it required me to compile a new version; a step to far for something that already works.

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