Adam’s Quadcopter

Well, after starting to put together my own quadcopter, Adam decided he wanted to get on the bandwagon too.  However, he went down the kit route, where I’m still waiting for all my parts to arrive (not the ones listed in a previous post).

Well, after some initial indoor trials, he took it outside for some flying.  It was a bit windy, and we were only using the small battery packs we had (1300mAh), but it was crazy fun.  The GPS lock on his is nuts.  I wish I was filming when the wind picked up and the quad banked into it…under its own brain power.

These things are crazy fun, and driving one is just like a first person shooter.  I was pretty worried about how the controls would be, but after flying his, I’m not worried at all.  Now I just wait for the servo wires and frame to get here, and I’m off to flying too!

A few pics and videos from the D800…

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