All Done…For Now

Alright, so Colleen and I are moved all in, and are starting to settle in. Unfortunately, it’s hard because we have no furniture. Thankfully, tomorrow, our new bed comes (WHOOT!). I’ve been wanting to update the site, but I’m still on my server here at the apt instead of my normal workstation. There’s only one cable jack in the whole apt, and it’s in the living room in a retarded spot, so I need to call insight and have them install a new jack. However, to do this, I need some free time. Yesterday I worked 17 hours (with only a 1hr lunch break). All of this because my bosses never thought patching machines would be a good idea. Well, they think it is now. Oh, and speaking of the bosses, I’m in line to start my new job as one of the bosses on Monday!! WHOOT!! Oh well, using notepad sucks for this, so I’m done.

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