Friggin Attic

Wow, these last coupla weeks have been busy/wierd. However, to start off with, I’d like to mention that I just signed my paperwork for DS, so as of Monday, I’m employed fulltime! It’s a great feeling. I’ll also be staying at DIA for (at least) a few months working as the DS consultant. I have more info on this, but I’ll refrain. Last week was HORRIBLE because of the stupid blaster worm. Of course none of our machines were patched on a regular basis, and so we were hit pretty hard. Needless to say I was there till 1am last Tuesday. A lovely 17 hour day…grr. However, now that all the machines have been patched to SP4 and the blaster fix, they can and have all been put behind an SUS server. Thank god for auto-updates.

I’ve finally gotten the cable jack upstairs, but I had to do everything myself. Grr, I hate Insight (cable company). Apparantly they wouldn’t install an extra jack in my apt because it was an “apt,” but they had no problem doing it to the 4 other apt’s in my building. All I can say is that I believe (as does Colleen) that I did a better job than Insight had done on the other jacks. Shit, and I did it for about the same price (and I have about 30 extra of everything ;)).

Oh, and so the bed came last thurday (the 14th). However, the boxspring wouldn’t fix up the friggin steps. BY ABOUT AN INCH. Joy. So I told the delivery guy to just return the matress and boxspring. So, I’m fuming as I drive to the furniture store to find out my options. Luckily, Nick (used to be my boss, now he’s my coworker) just purchased the exact same bed, except king sized, from the same place I did. Low and behold the king sized boxspring comes in *2* sections. Unfortunately, it costs 300$ more, PLUS Colleen and I will have to buy new bedding for it. Joy. So I buy it and now we’re waiting yet again for the stupid bed to come.

It gets better than this, right?!?!

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