A Real job

First week of the new job’s done. Wow, is it so much better not being the one that runs around doing all the remedial tasks. It’s nice not having to run to 3 different buildings 8 times a day. I went to my benefits orientation on Wednesday, and WOW do state employees get the hookup. I get 2 paid vacation days a month (bankable to 48), 11 paid holidays, 5 sick days, Health, Dental, and Vision care, retirement plan that either I or the university can maintain (8% of my salaray and the university matches it with 6.5%), life insurance (the university covers the amount equal to my salaray, and i can increase to 4x that), and free tuition. Now I just have to sign up for all this stuff.

Ohh…Ohh, THE BED CAME!! It was delivered yesterday morning. Wow, is it comfortable. Definitely WAY better than the futon that we were sleeping on (no offense Bree). When I came home from lunch yesterday Colleen had taken one of our flat, full sized sheets from the linen closet and just layed it on the bed so she could sleep. She also took my comforter (also full/queen size) that we had on the futon and used it. Needless to say, when i saw that stuff on the king sized bed it made me chuckle. The bed is huge, and the sheet and comforter just barely cover the top. So, last night we went and got a matress cover and a cheap fitted sheet for it so that we could at least use the bed. When I get a digital camera, I’ll have to take a picture of it. The thing is definitely the main piece of furniture in the room.

It’s so nice not having to worry about school now. I go to work everyday and pass all the students going to class at 8 in the morning and just laugh to myself. Oh man, does it feel good to be done, and have a job that I enjoy. No more nights staying up cramming for a test, or trying to figure out what exactly the teacher was trying to get us to learn from those stupid assignments. Ahhhh…

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