Well, I bought an xbox yesterday. I had already bought the mod chip for it online, so yesterday was as good as any other day to buy the console. Obviously I plan on modding it and then using it as a little server downstairs by the tv/reciever. I’ll get a wireless AP and card for the xbox so that once I mod it, I can stream music, video, etc down to it. That way I can listen to my music that I have on my server up here, down on the big speakers and receiver. I’m psyched about it, should be good times.

Yesterday was the first Illini homegame, and of course I got a call at 6:30 in the morning because the credentials server went down. We thought we had fixed the problem by replacing the ram (that’s what the led codes on the motherboard said was bad), but apparantly it is something a little more complicated than that. Nick and I were on the phone with HP for awhile, and they are going to send us a new systemboard for the machine. Thankfully we don’t have another homegame for 2 weeks, since the part is backordered for at least 5 days.

Don’t be surprised if you see a different site layout in the next few weeks. The current one is a little to bloated for my measly connection (especially if I’m using it when people are trying to navigate the site). Plus the current design doesn’t play nice when I look at the logs. I highly doubt I’m getting ~1000 page views a day :).

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