Almost There…

As you can see, has been migrated to Expression Engine.  There are a few quirks with the import, but after Paul from EE got it working for me, I was able to easily import everything from Movable Type. 

As you can tell (depending on the browser you’re using) the main page doesn’t necissarily like to render correctly.  Under Firefox, Mozilla, etc, it seems to be working ok, but under IE sometimes you get the side bar, and sometimes you don’t (joy).  I guess that’s ok for now though, since I’m most likely going to redo the templates anyways.  I more or less wanted to get off MT as fast as possible because of the lovely error you got while leaving comments. 

On the backend,  things all run from one instance now (or at least they will be).  Currently everything is all set for all the other websites to be migrated.  I just need to export their entries, and import them into the new system.  All in all, it hasn’t been nearly as much work as I thought it would be. 

Just so everyone’s aware, the site seems to be loading slowly.  Once I get all the websites moved over to the new system, I should be able to deal with it.  I have an idea as to why it is, but I’ll have to play with it some to find out the true reasons.

Also, you may notice some bugs, etc with the new site.  PLEASE let me know if you find anything.

***Updated*** I found the problem.  In my last post I put the div tag part in brackets, just like you do in html.  Needless to say, ie tried to render the page with that extra div tag.  All is well now 🙂