One Way Around $2 A Gallon?

So, I was reading my RSS agregator today, and I stubled upon this article over at Wired.  Now, upon closer examination, I was amazed to see how easy it actually was to make biodiesel.  And to think that using straight biodiesel is better for your car, better for the environment, AND is less than half the price of a gallon of unleaded. 

It was great to read more about exactly how to make biodiesel in your house from one of the links in the above article.  Definitely a possibility as I’ll be looking for a new car sometime in the future.  Hopefully my current car will last until I turn 25 though.  That way I could get a new car AND have lower insurance rates!

Speaking of my car, I walked out this morning to find my windshield cracked.  The other day I saw some of the neighbor kids throwing around a baseball near where it was parked.  It looks as if something hard hit it (while it was parked no less) right below the windshield wiper.  I’ve sort of deduced it was probably them, but I don’t know them, and anyways, how would you approach somebody about something like that?  Especially if you don’t have any proof?  Argh.  What really bugs me is that the windshield on my hella cheap truck, is very expensive.  I’m not looking forward to replacing that.  Maybe I just won’t, who knows.  I’m thinking about putting a mark where the fingers of the crack currently are to see if it’s actually growing.  However, it has split my windshield right in half, since one of the fingers goes all the way to the top.  Oh well, another perk of renting.